Yep, Writers Are People Too And Sometimes We Need A Swiffer Duster




Darn. Where’s my Swiffer Duster?

My desk has gone dusty these last three months.

And yeah, it’s driving me crazy!

Writers are real people like everyone else with everyday problems – some ouches worse than others.



At my house, the ouches with health and family have been far too many this year. I’m not going into great detail here as we all have problems. I will tell you that I almost lost my husband this summer while my own health was not the best.


The good news is we’re on the mend and as most writers know, life’s obstacles make us “stronger” as a person and as a writer – even when they temporarily impede our process.

 Characters we write about have real-life issues too! And it’s not easy to describe those issues if we’ve never experienced adversity.

Sure a writer can pick the brain of a person who has a particular experience we need for characterization and we do!

 However, physical and emotional pain from real experiences top everything. [Not that I like it much.] At least that’s what I tell myself in those woe-is-me moments. Hey, I’m human. I have pity parties, too. <g>

 While I curse the delay in my writing process, I’m very aware that I can use my negative experiences. Writing about my problems inspires a certain catharsis allowing me freedom to stand outside myself and view those emotions from a greater and wider perspective. Using this kind of insight in fiction is powerful.

But back to the subject.

I apologize to my readers for not producing my next book as quickly as intended. I’ll have to repeat a modern-age saying that I hate hearing – mostly because it sounds like a cop-out but this time it fits. It is what it is.

Be assured I’ve taken my Swiffer Duster to my desk,  I’m muddling through the pesky ouches and I’m writing. <g>



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  1. Lyn Horner says:

    Sharla, I’m glad to hear you are writing despite all the health issues you have faced this year. You are so right, we all have problems that get in the way of reaching our goals. All we can do is keep on keeping’ on.

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