What Is It About Summer Reads?

char reading PatioIMG_0881For the most part I divide my reading into two basic categories. Summer Reads and Winter Reads.

I think of winter reads as fireside books. You know the ones. They are perfect for curling up in a big chair where it’s warm and cozy – fireplace or no. Sometimes it’s in bed with a stack of cushy pillows. The stories might be love stories, paranormals or even serial killer mysteries. It doesn’t matter. All are enjoyed in the comfort of my home even though I live in California where fireplaces are seldom used.

And then there are the summer reads. What is it about summer reads that makes them so special?

The stories I’m interested in reading don’t change much so maybe it’s where I read them?

I don’t need the cozy part so much with the summer reads. Nope. I rather like basking in all things summer. A nice patio chair by the spa, or just a shady spot beneath a tree with a warm breeze fluttering the pages. At night I can sit by the patio fire pit with my kindle under the stars. I enjoy the outdoor noises of birds, soft voices from the neighbor’s yard, and even the distant traffic. And then there’s the smell of flowers, mowed grass and grilling food. It’s such a yummy time of year! I relax, forget real life, and step into the adventure I’m holding in my hands. I love summer reads the very very best!

So what have I read so far this summer? Honestly, I’ve been busy writing my own book and preparing How To Fell A Timberman for e-publication. But I have read a few books to distract me from all the hard work.

8d481643ac1e8b3b31f91662e499905fI’m trying a lot of different adventures this summer. One of them was Eve Paludan writing with Stuart Sharp and their Witch Detectives series. These books, like summer are light and fun with just enough OMG to keep the pace fast and interesting. I couldn’t help myself, I read four in a row!

The main character, Elle starts out as a witch who feels that as witches go, she’s not “all that.” Then a new boyfriend teaches her she’s far more than she realizes and that’s when the fun really starts! I don’t want to spoil the stories but I will say that Ell’s adventures and sidekicks kept the roller coaster zooming around surprising corners. I’m definitely looking forward to a fifth book. In the meantime, I have Eve Paludan’s new book Wolf Moon waiting on my kindle. Yum!

Next in line is Denise Domning’s new medieval mystery series, A Servant of the Crown. The first book, Season of the Raven, hooked me right away.

I first became familiar with Denise’s medieval romances years ago when I lived in Arizona. In fact, for a short time we shared the same critique group. Now some 20 years later, I was truly surprised that she was writing non-romance medieval mysteries. I’ve always loved her dedication to historical detail and a great plot so decided to try these break-out novels.

Well, all I can say is that thanks to Denise, I’m well and truly now a fan of medieval mysteries! In Season of the Raven we’re introduced to a well-traveled SEASONOF RAVENindexyoung man, Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire’s newly appointed Keeper of the Pleas. In this first book he is struggling to determine the boundaries of his job when a murder takes place. Sir Faucon jumps at the chance to prove himself by solving the murder with the dubious aid of his prickly secretary, Brother Edmund.

So how does a murder in medieval times get solved with out modern forensics? It ain’t easy, but solve it they do.  I totally enjoyed their clever methods thanks to Denise’s extensive knowledge of history as well as how people of the day thought and acted.

I’m now reading the second book Season of the Fox and it’s proving just as enjoyable.

I highly recommend these authors and their books for light and fun summer reads.

How about you? Any books you’ve read this summer you’d like to mention?






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