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Over The River And Through The Wood By A Journalist And A Romance Novelist

  Oh, my gosh! Thanksgiving is almost here! Today, it dawned on me that the only Thanksgiving song I’ve ever heard of is Over The River And Through The Wood. [If you’re like me, you probably thought it was woods, … Continue reading

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Get Your Spooky On With A Cauldron Of Creepy Words

Hey Everyone. On October of  2015 I published the blog below for those of us who love word lists and phrases and especially Halloween. I figured it was a safe bet that many of you haven’t seen this so here … Continue reading

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Catching Up With A Few Funnies In English Language

Hey Everyone. Yeah it’s been since Christmas since I posted and I’m sorry for that. All, I can say is that it was quite a winter at my house. That’s why I decided a few chuckles were in order. So … Continue reading

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Where My Research Took Me – Spanish Guitars

I’m working on How To Kiss A Troll and you might wonder how a story about a Norwegian family led me to Spanish Guitars. It’s simple, My heroine Bella, flees her father’s Texas Ranchero for Minnesota where the Norwegian hero, … Continue reading

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May Day Baskets – I Remember When

I’m a little late talking about May Day as it’s May 1st today. But because I have so many fond childhood memories of it, I decided to blog about it anyway. Ask teens today if they plan to celebrate May … Continue reading

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Character Action Verbs and Body Language

 I figured it was about time I offer another meaty blog. Here’s a whopper listing character action verbs and body language verbs. Body language and plain old action verbs are often interchangeable depending on their setting.  Example: A character’s body … Continue reading

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Yep, Writers Are People Too And Sometimes We Need A Swiffer Duster

  Achoo! Darn. Where’s my Swiffer Duster? My desk has gone dusty these last three months. And yeah, it’s driving me crazy! Writers are real people like everyone else with everyday problems – some ouches worse than others.     … Continue reading

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Sharla Rae’s Favorite Christmas Cookies

  I love making cookies and deserts and Christmas is a great excuse to bake up a storm. So I’d like to share some of my favorite Christmas recipes with my readers this year. In How To Fell A Timberman, … Continue reading

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InD’Scribe Conference And Other Doings

Whew! This has been a busy month! I’ve been busy learning the ropes of promoting my new book, How To Fell A Timberman, going to the new InDScribe Conference and hosting my writing friends for a great writing retreat while … Continue reading

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Tall Tales and Why I Write Historicals

  The most asked reader question is: Where do you get your ideas? The second most asked question is: Why do you write what you write? My very very basic answer to both questions? Growing up with my grandparents was … Continue reading

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