My Summer Reading List

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Yes, I’ve been a busy lady these past months as I edit/update one book, a backlist book of mine called Love and Fortune and write the second book in the Bjornson series.


No matter how busy I get though, I never abstain from my entertainment reading especially at night when I curl up in bed with my kindle or when I’m on a summer vacation trip stuck on the plane.

I have several authors at the top of my reading list this summer. I’ll tell you right up front; I don’t discriminate between genres. My only requirement is that they entertain. After all it’s summer!

So here’s what’s on my reading list:

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Lyn Horner’s book Touching Charlotte is book four in her contemporary paranormal series, Romancing the Guardians. I can’t tell you all the details but Lyn says the hero, Tristan is a former NYPD cop turned celebrity chef. For the heroine Charlotte, touching anyone reveals not only their joys but also all their pain. So the question is: How is this hunky pastry

Touching Charlotte

Touching Charlotte

chef going to whip up a recipe that allows him to love Charlotte in the way she deserves?

Each book in the Guardian series features a heroine or hero with a physic gift. They are tied together by their guardianship of ancient scrolls that a group called the Hell Hounds are determined to have. Each story brings the reader closer to learning why the scrolls are so important and why the bad guys want them. And no, Lyn is not filling me in on this little secret. Darn it. But you’ll find Touching Charlotte is available for pre-order.

Lynda also has a backlist of western romances about the Texas Devilins featuring characters who are Irish and have inherited paranormal gifts. So if you like historicals and/or paranormals, I highly recommend them. They aren’t on my list here because I’ve already read them.

Denise Domning

Denise Domining’s book, Lost Innocents is the third book in her medieval mystery series called Servant of the Crown and it’s available for pre-order too. Denise is a long-time friend but when she first came out with these books, I admit I was skeptical. I mean, how do you solve a mystery without forensics? As Denise might say in medieval speak, “oh yea of little faith!”

Sir Faucon de Remis is the sleuth in these books along with a bumbling sidekick clerk. Denise is known for beautiful prose but don’t worry, it doesn’t

Lost Innocents

Lost Innocents


get in the way of these brilliant mysteries. Instead it places you among the town’s people as Sir Faucon de Remis solves the mysteries.

Denise has a great medieval backlist of romance novels if you’re into those. I’ve read them all. <g>

Click on Denise’s name above and it will take you to her website called The Farm On Oak Creek. She blogs about her farm, her animals her certified organic kitchen, her two loveable dogs who help her run the place and more. It’s as entertaining as her books and all true so don’t miss it. <g>

Dee Speers

Dee Speers













Dee Speers’ short story, The Last Ride is one of ten in an anthology called From Florida With Love – Sunrise and Stormy Skies. The anthology was produced by Florida Romance Writers. A little honesty here – I read Dee’s short story and loved it. I figure if the rest of the short stories are as good, it will make for some fun short summer reads. Just right for a quickie escape by the beach! Sorry it’s not on pre-order yet.

Linda Howard is another favorite author of mine who has written a gazillion books and I’ve recently just rediscovered them. I found no website for her but there’s a picture of her and a list of her books here. Her most recent books are romantic suspense but I promise you’ll love the straight romances too. Her heroes are very sexy but real. The heroines are sensible, not a one that I’ve ever read has stomped her foot. [Yeah, that’s a pet peeve of mine.] Some of her early romances that I just reread are, Mackenzie’s Mountain, Mackenzie’s Mission, and Duncan’s Bride. At the moment I have a couple of her newer suspense novels waiting on my kindle.

So about about you? What’s on your summer reading list?

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2 Responses to My Summer Reading List

  1. Lyn Horner says:

    Sharla, thank you so much for placing Touching Charlotte on you summer reading list and recommending it to your followers. I’m at work on book 5 in the series. Maybe it will make it onto your fall reading list. 🙂

  2. sharla says:

    You know it will Lyn. And thank you for writing such a great series.

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