Off To The 2015 InDiScrib Conference Next Week!


I hope to see many of my fellow writers and readers next week in Palm Springs at the InDScrib Conference in Palm Springs. With all the parties, schmoozing and classes it promises to be great fun.

I spent the entire day rounding up clothes, jewelry and shoes for the big event. It was a real tear-jerker moment. LOL. Suffice it say, my bedroom now looks like a tornado hit it, and I’m making an emergency run to my favorite department stores this weekend. It’s always the same with conferences so I don’t know why I’m surprised. One year, I’ll do great and I’m in shape and the clothes fit. The next . . . Not so much.  When I return home, my old rowing machine is going get a major workout! And so am I!!

But for now I’m saving my energy to party!

I’m rooming with my old Texas critique partners, Lyn Horner and Carra Coplin. Our cell phones have been smokin’ with the preparations. Lyn’s book is up for a Rone Award so I’ll be the noisy one in the room rootin’ for her.

How To Fell A Timberman won’t be on the book – signing tables this time. The print version just went live last week.  But hopefully, I can do that for the next conference. For now, I just plan on having some major fun and taking lots of lots of pictures. And of course I plan to share them. You’ll find some here on my website as well as my author Facebook page.

Cover by Killion Group

Cover by Killion Group

If you plan on attending the conference, look for me and be sure to say hi.

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