Nose Features – Descriptions, Definitions and Body Language


As some of you know I keep descriptive lists that I use for brainstorming. The following list is one about the nose. You’ll notice that I did not include smell, also a feature of the nose, but that’s a much a longer list and best posted on its own.


I’m sure there are  more nose descriptions than what you’ll see below and many are darn right funny. If you have some you’d like to share, I’d love to see them in comments!


Nose Descriptions – Phrases and Words

Addict and his nose candy

Aquiline nose



Broad bridge

Broad, short and flat Chinese nose

Bulbous and red from drink

Button nose

Clogged nasal passage

Concord nose

Copious nose bleeds

Crooked from a fight

Dilated nostrils

Ferret nose

Flaring nostrils


Hairy nostrils

High up-turned nostrils appeared prissy


Honked into a handkerchief

Hooked like a hawks

Humped nose at the bridge


Itchy nose twitched


Nasal discharge

Nose job

Piggy nose

Pinched the bridge of his nose

Pinched nostrils of a prude


Quivering nostrils

Ring through his nose

Roman nose/see defintions

Round nose tip with plump nostril wings


Slim, aristocratic nose


Sneeze echoed

Sneeze with hayfever


Snoot full of

Snorted and laughed



Snub nose, short and turned up


Stuffed up with a cold

Up-tilted in a snooty manner


Wide nostrils

Wrinkled in distaste

Body Language

Pinched the bridge of his nose – with closed eyes: concern, thinking hard

Wrinkled – distaste, confusion

Curling the hand over his nose with eyes closed– trying to think of an answer.

Touching the end of the nose with the pointer finger – doubt, rejection, no, nervous

Flaring nostrils– unhappy, angry, defensive, sexual arousal and excitement



Anosmia (anosmic, anosmatic) – pathologic condition in which sense of smell is absent, lacking or has been lost

Aquiline – having the hooked appearance of an eagle’s beak

Beaked – turned down like a bird’s beak

Bridge – bony portion of nose where it connects to the brow

Hooked – bend, usually downward, like a hook

Nares – nostrils, nasal openings

Nostril – one of two external openings of nose; one of the nares

Proboscis – snout-like nose

Roman nose – high prominent bridge like a shelf

Septum — dividing wall or membrane, between nostrils of the nose

Sinus – hollow cavity beneath skull connected to the nostrils

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