Let’s Get Mouthy – Word and Phrase Descriptions For The Mouth

The mouth is … well, mouthy!  Its descriptions show/tell a lot about the character. 

The mouth plays a part in not only physical appearance but also a character’s facial expressions which of convey emotions. Heck, even how a character uses his mouth to talk and eat says something about them. 

In the list below I’ve included physical descriptions, mouth/facial expressions and even a few descriptions of teeth and the tongue because they are part of the mouth too.

Don’t forget to check out the definitions at the end of the blog. They come in handy.

I hope you’ll enjoy adding this list to your collection of Character Descriptions.

down in the mouth
chewed her lips
delivered garbled words
babe’s rosebud mouth
back and forth like chewing cud
black with cavities
bloodless lips
blubber lips
chewed gum like a cud
chomped on an apple
compressed in anger
coral colored lips
couldn’t taste a thing
cruel curl of his lips
resolute set of
skeletal grin
tasted foul
flashing teeth
chattering teeth
decayed and rotting
gritted his teeth
locked his jaw/teeth
dislodged teeth
clenched/clamped shut
serpentine tongue
forked tongue
tongue felt furred
lolling tongue
carping tongue
flexible/pliant tongue
didn’t kiss, he slobbered
dimples at the corners of his mouth
dribbled down his chin
dried and cracked lips
drooped at the corners
flap-jaw talks too much
fleshy lips
flower petal
framed by a mustache and beard
frothing from
generous lips opened in
gnawed the bone like a dog
great yawning cave/maw
gritted his teeth
hawked up mucus
lack of teeth caused sunken cheeks
lax and expressionless

cupids bow
lips smacked in anticipation
long flat tongue
luscious, full and kissable
marbled lips
maw sucked up the food
mobile mouth went from frown to smile
mouth breather
mouth dry with fear
munching constantly
muzzle her mouth
honeyed chiseled
compressed in anger
wring the truth from
quivering/trembling lips
yielded to his
firm lips
Old maid’s tight or pinched lips
disgusting orifice
Painted lips of a whore
pearly whites
pouched/screwed up
pouting lips
pucker up honey
puffed lips of a fighter
pursed her lips in disgust
quirked up on the corner
ripe for kissing
sealed/creased in a thin line of disgust
sensuous upper lip
set in a grim line
slurping soup
spewed water and spit
split lip
stained with tobacco
teeth shredded
twinkling smile
vampire fangs
wry smile
wore braces to correct his overbite

As I’ve mentioned before definitions are surprisingly good descriptions.

Bicuspid – premolar, has two cusps or pointed tops

Bilabial – two lips

Bite – occlusion

Bridge – attaching false tooth to real tooth

Buccal – pertinent to the mouth cavity, mouth or sides of mouth

Buckteeth — teeth that protrude beyond the lips when mouth is open

Canine – one of the four pointed teeth between the incisors; sometimes called fangs

Cuspid – canine tooth with single pointed crown

Deciduous teeth – the first or temporary teeth; twenty in number (eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, twelve molars)

Dentin – the major bone-like part of the tooth

Dentition – arrangement of teeth

Enamel – thin external covering of the tooth; the hardes substance in the body

Gingiva – gums

Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums

Halitosis – bad breath

Incisor – on of the eight front teeth, four upper and four lower; function is cutting

Inlay – a filling in a decayed tooth

Lingual – using the tongue

Macrodont – having very large teeth (macrondontism n.)

Malocclusion – irregular or abnormal bite; contact between upper and lower teeth

Masticate – grind or crush food with teeth, chew

Microdont – having very small teeth

Mile teeth – deciduous teeth

Molar – one of the three back teeth in each quarter of the mouth just behind the two premolars

Neb – person’s mouth

Neck – line joining the crown and root to the tooth

Oligontous – having few teeth

Oral – having to do with the rgion of the mouth

Palate – roof of the mouth

Premolars – one of the two teeth, in each quarter of the mouth, coming just after the canine and before bicuspid

Pulp – soft, vital tissue that fills the center and root canals of teeth

Pyorrhea – inflammation of the sockets of the teeth

Root – bottom to tooth imbedded in the jaw

Root canal – channel between the top of the tooth and the pulp chamber

Saber-toothed – having long, sharp canine teeth

Serrate – toothed like a saw

Snaggle-toothed – having rough irregular teeth

Stomach tooth – lower canine

Thrush – mouth disease in infants caused by yeast

Tricuspid – tooth with three points

Wisdom tooth – the thrid, or last molar

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  1. Lyn Horner says:

    Wonderful and timely list, Shar! I need some fresh mouth descriptions. Thank you!

    • sharla says:

      Thanks Lyn. Sometimes my descriptions lists my seem odd but then one day you’re writing and think, oh, how should I say this. 🙂 This is a good way to brain storm ideas.

  2. Dee Speers says:

    I really enjoy your lists Sharla.

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