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Ewok & Me



Meet Ewok, my new Shichon puppy. He’s part Shih Tzu and part Bichon Frise. And because of him I’m adding a dog to my next book. He’ll be much bigger and in fact is half wolf. I hope my readers will enjoy reading about him.

It’s been many years since I owned a pet but since hubby is retired and we are no longer moving state to state, it seemed a great time.


The minute I saw Ewok’s little face, I knew he was for me. He’s one little furry cotton ball with blond ears and a small patch of blond on his back. And boy is he a little lover. 

I can’t wait till he’s potty trained so he can join me in my office while I write.

One might ask why a puppy? They are a lot of work!

Well, how I came to find Ewok is a long story.

I tried to adopt an adult rescue dog through with no luck. I admit I had some criteria I was looking for a non-shedding, little dog. Unfortunately,  I had a devil of a time getting this organization to answer my questions about their doggies. I got my hopes up  several times [you have to be approved] only to have my heart broken.This organization even inspects your home if they think you are good candidate. I totally understand that. They don’t want someone chaining an animal outside on a dirt pile all day. I was ready and willing to jump through hoops and filled out their forms. Sadly we never reached the point of a home inspection.

One foster dog mom indicated I was too “old” to have an adult dog who was 3 years old. Now since I have neighbors who are 20 years my senior with pets, I was flabbergasted. Admittedly, the dog I applied for was adorable and many applied for her. I knew that would be the case and arrived an hour early for her showing. I was so excited, but like I said, it didn’t happen.

Another little dog that I loved on sight needed TLC as she’d been mistreated. After three weeks of waiting for a yea or nae, I emailed them. A couple weeks later I received an e-mail saying they had decided she was too feral and I’d have to adopt a second dog along with her so she could relearn how to fit into a family from the other better adjusted dog. Why they didn’t say this in the first place, I don’t know. They’d just stated she needed a quite home. 

Since my grand kids are out of state, I’d thought my home was perfect for this little dog, but taking in two dogs at once in my small home wasn’t a good idea, so ….

I inquired about other dogs and never received a reply. Each time, I gave them three weeks because the foster homes for these dogs is volunteer and I knew these people most likely had day-jobs.

Hubby got tired of seeing my heart broken and called our vet friend in Iowa.


Terri was wonderful and recommended a certified breeder in Burlington, Iowa. This breeder even gives warranties with her pups. After talking to another couple who had purchased a pup from this breeder, I decided to go this route. 

I accepted that a puppy would be more work, but we are so happy with Ewok and he is such a loving little dog, healthy and cute as a button. 

So how did I name him? I’m sure most of you recognize the term Ewok as the name of the teddy bear-like characters in Star Wars. The Shichon puppies are commonly called Teddy Bear dogs for obvious reason and since I’m also a Star Wars fan from way back, Ewok just fit. On top of that when I researched dog names, I found none called Ewok, and I liked that he’d have a unique name. 

So tell me about your fur babies. I’d love to hear their stories and puppy tips you might offer too!



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