Magic and Miracles – A Special Christmas Memory

Char Close B_0002Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Not because of the gifts but because of the magic and miracles.

Yes, I’m one of those. A believer in magic and miracles. I think many of us writers share this claim. We have vivid imaginations and are always wondering what if. We accept the uncommon more readily because we “want” to believe.

Okay, I know who Santa is and isn’t.

Santa is merely symbol for the Spirit of Christmas – a make-believe fellow to be sure, conjured up many years ago by another writer, Dr. Clement Clark Moore in 1822.  Moore, a professor of Divinity reminded us of the spirit of giving and the Christian beliefs in God’s greatest gift to all of us, his son Jesus Christ. Even if you choose to worship differently the spirit of giving is encompassed in most all religions.

My mom always made Christmas special. Magic practically sparkled in the in the air at our house. The aroma of Christmas cookies, fudge, pine tree, and excitement filled every room. I know; it sounds like a Hallmark movie or card. But when you’re young it isn’t very difficult to believe in magic.

Even now, as a grandmother, I love to believe in that magic and strive to re-create that the Christmas sparkle for the grandkids – okay, for anyone who blesses us with a visit during the holidays.

I remember one year in particular. My sister and I were very worried. We lived in a small one-story home in Des Moines, Iowa. A beautiful white snow blanketed the ground and there was magic throughout our home. BUT we did not have a chimney for Santa to slide down and mommy and daddy kept the doors locked at night. We were so worried that Santa would not visit our house because there was no way in!

I know, it sounds trivial but when you’re young, these kind of thoughts pass through your head among the sugar plum fairies. Our mother assured us that Santa would find a way inside but we truly had our doubts.

Christmas morning we discovered she was right. We had brand new bicycles under the tree. But the thing that really convinced us were the sleigh tracks outside our backdoor! There they were, side by side. Santa had landed his sleigh just to get into our house! He must have used his magic to unlock the doors, another sign that his magic was real.

In later years my sister and I laughed about this particular Christmas. The neighbor man and my dad had constructed the bikes in his garage and wheeled them to our back door, side by side, hence the tire tracks were the sleigh tracks. But you know what? Over the years, this knowledge has not diminished the belief that magic and miracles exists at Christmas time.

I often think about those childhood sparkling moments and honestly believe they contributed the imaginative writer that I have become.

More, they have enhanced my very real belief that magic and miracles truly exist everyday of the year. To see them, all we have to do is open our eyes and believe.

Because Christmas is very special to me I have researched its history. Last year I blogged several blogs on that subject. They are fun and interesting and include the dates and origins of Christmas traditions, carols, movies etc. Part IV is a Christmas Timeline.


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 Will the schoolmarm’s loving lessons fell the timberman? Or will his secret past bring them both down?

Will the schoolmarm’s loving lessons fell the timberman? Or will his secret past bring them both down?

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