InD’Scribe Conference And Other Doings


Whew! This has been a busy month!

I’ve been busy learning the ropes of promoting my new book, How To Fell A Timberman, going to the new InDScribe Conference and hosting my writing friends for a great writing retreat while hubby made a trip back to Singapore to visit his mom.

So about the conference:

Big fun – The Conference was held by IndD’tale Magazine in Palm Springs and I met the lovely and lively owner, TJ Mackay. Workshops for the new-t0-writing kids on the block, workshops on promoting books, book signings, parties every night and even an award night with live music and entertainment!

And yes there were a few cover models, male and female hanging out who were mostly there to promote their cover model businesses. It seems many are as independent as the Indie writers themselves. So many new businesses have popped up to support indie publishing! But that’s another blog entirely.

The coveted RONE [Reward Of Novel Excellence] awards were handed out on Saturday night. You can go HERE to take a look at winners. It was a formal affair with as I mentioned live entertainment including a Prince and and Michael Jackson impersonator.

And of course I met many many authors like myself and formed new friendships. A while back I joined Pioneer Hearts, both the Facebook reader page and the Author’s only page. Here’s a picture of all of us at the reader/author party we threw.

Pioneer Hearts members 2015Conference

Merry Farmer & Kit Morgan

Merry Farmer & Kit Morgan





Taken during the dancing on Glam Night. Merry Farmer and Kit Morgan.







Me and Lyn Horner at her book signing

Me and Lyn Horner at her book signing


Lyn Horner on the left and me on the right at her book signing.






Carra Coplin and Lyn Horner

Carra Copelin & Lyn Horner

Carra Copelin & Lyn Horner



Catherine Bybee at her signing table

Catherine Bybee at her signing table






Catherine Bybee – always the life of any party








Dancing at the Glam Party





After the conference Lyn Horner and Carra Coplin drove from Palm Springs to my home on the CA cost. We did some of the tourist stuff with an oceanside lunch and a peak into the stores at Laguna Beach, especially the Candy Barron, a candy store that carries almost every old fashion candy ever made!

CharGloLynLagunaBeachCROP_1084 copy











The Candy Barron storeย  CandyBarron2_1101






Cover by Killion Group

Cover by Killion Group

Well, that’s all for now folks. I’m off to work on How To Kiss A Troll. If you love American Historicals I encourage to join other readers at Pioneer Hearts. It’s a wonderful community where you learn about all the latest releases on your favorite books.

You can find How to Fell a Timberman here.



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8 Responses to InD’Scribe Conference And Other Doings

  1. Great pictures, Char! It really WAS a fun conference. TJ and her crew did a great job.

  2. Caroline Clemmons says:

    Lovely photos of the conference, especially the one of Pioneer Hearts members. I am sorry I couldn’t attend because I think the authors who did had a blast.

    • sharla says:

      Yes Caroline. The Pioneer Hearts reader party was the best party there by far and the readers thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A game was planned for them and it allowed them to meet “all” the authors so it was especially fun.

  3. Looks like a great time! Love your pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sharla says:

      It was fun Kitty and the conference was well done. TJ’s staff always had a smile on their faces and were ready to answer questions. Too often, at conferences, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. That certainly wasn’t the case at the InDScribe Con. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lyn Horner says:

    Shar, we had a great time at the conference and afterward with you. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Looking forward to our next meetup!

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