How To Fell A Timberman Has Been Nominated For The Roan Award!



You’ve probably heard about authors sweating blood all over the typing paper. Believe it!

We try so hard to use just the right word, make the sentences flow beautifully and generate a world our readers enjoy losing themselves in for a few hours of fun. Sometimes we succeed; sometimes we fall short. No matter what happens though, we love what we do. 



Of course the occasional “atta girl” never hurts our motivation. <g>  So today I’m shamelessly announcing that How to Fell a Timberman has been nominated for the prestigious Roan award  in the American Historical category for independently published writers. When I saw the other authors nominated in the same category, I was really really honored! 

This is a first for me and I’m still doing the happy the dance! <g>

The first round of voting is done by readers so if you’ll stop by and vote for How To Fell A Timberman, I’d be thrilled and honored. Voting starts on May 9th.  Just go to the link below and sign up for a free account. Don’t forget to type in the capcha and then hit save to register your vote.

Thanks to all my readers! SharlaRae_HowToFellATimberman_200Vote here.

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