Christmas At Sharla’s House 2016

Sis helping me decorate our 2015 tree

Sis helping me decorate our 2015 tree


Wow, Christmas week already! Where did the year go?

As I sit here up on my little mountain in Southern California, a steady but warm rain is giving us a much needed soak. The gifts are purchased and tomorrow I’ll finish hunting the feast — at stores, that is.




Before heading to my office to write this blog, I ventured out on the upper deck of my home to watch the rain and enjoy the twinkling Christmas lights decorating homes all over the community. The dark and a pinkish mist camouflaged my view of the ocean but it was beautiful in its own way. The scene reminded of what I imagine a nighttime fairyland must look like. The rain tapping on the roof added a peacefulness that urged me to curl up in bed with a good book. Everything feels as it should during this time of year, full of God’s wonder, beauty and love. 

It’s especially relaxing after a heavy duty shopping day!

This week has been cold, but today warmed up so much that my sweatshirt was plenty warm. The warm day brought out the holiday shoppers in hoards. The mall and Costco parking lots looked like they were hosting rock concerts! I almost fled right back home. Truth is,  I did avoid Costco and shoved that trip onto tomorrow’s agenda.

One thing I’ve noticed this year, however is that most everyone seems to be smiling more and offering a Merry Christmas to everyone. I’m not sure why but I‘m not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth. 

 Our house will be lively and jolly for Christmas. My husband’s brother and wife will be here from Hong Kong along with their daughter, her husband and new baby who live in San Francisco. There’s nothing so wonderful as a new little one to spoil!

My daughter and her children will arrive two days after the first bunch. I have to share my son’s children with their other grandma this year — darn. But it will still be very fun. Good times and good eats too.

And of course there will baking, baking and more baking. Nothing smells better than cakes and cookies in the oven and the kids love to participate. Grandma makes the dough and they have at it, rolling

Lots of helpers baking

Lots of helpers baking

out cookies on the kitchen Island. We’ll have dough, food coloring and colorful sprinkles everywhere, but oh what fun!

Last year the older kids sort of turned up their noses until they saw all the fun the younger kids were having. iPads and phones were abandoned and they  joined in. Then the mommies jumped in and it was joyful chaos. This year the kids especially asked me if they could do the baking again!  

Below, in the picture, Cat is unhappy because she’s honestly done with all the picture taking and wants to eat!




There will be presents, baking, and shenanigans galore this year and it’s all good. Life is short and we can scrub the floors when it grows quiet and everyone returns home and settles into the business of 2017. 

From my home to yours, I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And to those of you who don’t participate in Christmas, that’s okay too. I’m just offering everyone a heaping wish for peace, love and joy.

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