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Yep, Writers Are People Too And Sometimes We Need A Swiffer Duster

  Achoo! Darn. Where’s my Swiffer Duster? My desk has gone dusty these last three months. And yeah, it’s driving me crazy! Writers are real people like everyone else with everyday problems – some ouches worse than others.     … Continue reading

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Am I MIA? No, Just Writing and Minding the Fireside

Hi Everyone, I haven’t blogged in over a week now and I miss it, but duty calls! Between writing, selling my home and remodeling the new one, I’ve arrived at crunch time.  That means a slow-down has to happen on … Continue reading

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Mourning My Writing Time — My Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Week

Ever had a week that nearly buried you in everything but what you intended to do – like writing? I think we all have. And calling in a friend or family member isn’t always possible. Some things you have to … Continue reading

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