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First of all, thanks for stopping by my website.

Let’s see where do I begin?

I started reading romance when I was thirteen and my mother gifted me with her original hardback of Dragonwyk by Anya Seton. I read it at least 6 times and while I read everything these days, I’ve remained forever loyal to American historicals.

So how did I morph from reader to writer?


I dabbled as a wanna-be poet when I was a teen, leaving funny poems on the dining room table when I was in hot water with my folks. I figured if I made them laugh, they’d forget my transgressions. It worked. Well, most of the time.

But when I announced I wanted to be a writer, my hard-working parents shook their heads and said I’d never make a living that way. Practical Capricorn that I am, I listened.

Years later, I opened two beauty salons, went to community college with straight A’s and started a family. And yeah, I did all three at the same time. Crazy, I know.

Then my husband moved us from Iowa to Arizona. Suddenly both kids were in school, and I was a bored stay at home mom. That’s when I rediscovered my love for romance novels.

One night, my husband glanced up from his magazine and said, “You’ve read so many of those da*# things you could write one yourself.”

And so I did.

I’m a sucker for a man in a cowboy hat and I teamed up with my neighbor, Jane Kidder who suffered the same Old West affliction. Our first book fell on its face. Doubting-Thomas friends laughed and said, “We told you so.” Jane and I joined the local RWA chapter and learned our craft. Our second effort, Silver Caress sold to Avon Books just a year later. So there!

Song of the Willow, my first solo effort was nominated for best first historical by Romantic Times Magazine. Love and Fortune soon followed.

Life happens and our family made another big move, this one to Texas. I began accompanying my husband on overseas business trips and did a lot of entertaining. When I wasn’t looking the publishing industry made major changes. American set historicals were no longer king. I didn’t publish for a few years.

Then we made a final move to Southern California and again, the industry changed. E-books arrived and historicals came into demand again. I wrote How To Fell A Timberman.

This time, my hero wears no cowboy hat. Instead he carries a big ax and wears lumberman boots – But he’s just as yummy.

How to Fell A Timberman is the first book in the Bjornson series, stories about five Norwegian siblings in early 1880s America. While I’m working on the series, I’m updating and formatting my back-list books for e-publishing.

So what do I do when I’m not writing? I collect authentically costumed dolls from my world travels, take lots of pictures, enjoy cooking and reading and recently I discovered bloging.

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