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Cover by Killion GroupHow to Fell A Timberman is available on Amazon in E-book format and in paperback.

Here’s a taste of the fun:

Fleeing scandal, Texas schoolmarm, Noelle Bridger takes a job in Washington Territory. There she discovers yet another man has duped her. She’s to teach in a place called Whiskey Spit and her students are a bunch of brawling and profane loggers.

Vidar Bjornson, son of a Norwegian immigrant, is Noelle’s new boss and he isn’t any happier with Noelle than she is with him. He’d expected a plain middle-aged woman. Instead, the gorgeous Texan is already arousing jealousy among his men.

Bawdy loggers, bad men and lots of fun ensue as Noelle teaches Vidar the error of his ways and the mighty timberbeast is felled by the love of a good woman.

Stay tuned for book 2 in the Bjornson Series: How To Kiss A Troll

Love And Fortune

Love And Fortune by Charlotte McPherren

Gypsy love

What harm could a motley group of unarmed Gypsies do to one of the most affective bands of Rebels in the Confederate army?

It was a perfect night — the moonlight, the swirling red veil Fortune wore to disguise her face, the sizzling sensuality she felt as she gazed into the Rebel officer’s eyes. She was certain the sultry Gypsy dance had irrevocably bonded her to Grady MacNair. But it had also led to a terrible betrayal on that long-ago night.

When they meet again years later in Montana Territory as unwitting partners in a freighting company, the instant attraction between them is proof the Gypsy spell still holds strong. But Fortune fears that if Grady learns her true identity, his hatred will burn with same passion that now brings her to ecstasy in his powerful arms.

Love and Fortune is at this being updated and formatted for e-book publication. It will also have a brand new cover so stay tuned! 

Song Of The Willow

Song of the Willow by Charlette McPherren

Frontier Arizona

Ladies don’t wear men’s britches or herd cattle, nor do they curse and sneak whiskey but Willie Vaughn grew up in a household of five men where all is allowed. She can steal a baseball base, rope a cow, and even hold her own in a brawl. But She never thought she’d want to learn to seduce man — until she meets the handsome and dangerous Rider Sinclair.

Going undercover to unmask the Vaughn’s arms smuggling, Rider was prepared to romance the only daughter. But nobody warned him about the infuriating pixie with the luscious figure and stubborn temper. He must separate duty from desire if he’s going to nab the gang’s ringleader — but risking the loss of the fiery hellcat who has stolen his heart is one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do.

Silver Caress

Silver Caress by Charlotte Simms

As precious as silver…

Orphaned Felicity Howard’s life is changed forever the day she steps off the train in the wild mining town of Silverton, Colorado. And her strict convent upbringing didn’t prepare her for rough talking men like her new partner Jake McCullough.

A loner, Jake had never known a woman he couldn’t charm — until Felicity. She was a dangerous combination of softness and a natural sensuality she was completely unaware of. He didn’t want that kind of responsibility and he certainly didn’t want to share his silver mine with her! He wants her gone!

But the woman is stubborn and soon the mine that binds them plunges them into an unexpected passion and danger.

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  1. Hi, Charla,
    Your website looks nice. You asked a question, but I had to move to this section to be able to comment. I’m glad you are finally publishing How to Fell a Timberman.
    Carolyn Rae Williamson, Carolyn Rae Author – facebook.

  2. Loise Spath says:

    As a Newbie, I am permanently searching online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

  3. Linda Warren says:

    Hi, Charla I was so surprised to see you on Facebook. I don’t know if you remember me. I worked with Tony at Alcon. I hope you are doing well.

  4. sharla says:

    Hey Linda. Of course I remember you. I hope you are doing well. Drop me a line on facebook!

  5. Eve Paludan says:

    Sending my love for you and for your books. Always a reader fan, forever a friend.
    Eve Paludan

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