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Happy 2017 Holidays Everyone!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. With vacations, family doings and some health issues to deal with, I’ve been lax. Just to catch you up with some of my doings, I’m including some pictures … Continue reading

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Where My Research Took Me – Spanish Guitars

I’m working on How To Kiss A Troll and you might wonder how a story about a Norwegian family led me to Spanish Guitars. It’s simple, My heroine Bella, flees her father’s Texas Ranchero for Minnesota where the Norwegian hero, … Continue reading

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Humor – What’s Your Favorite Kind to Read or Write

There’s an old saying that says “life is stranger than fiction” and this holds true with humor too. I think we’ve all been in a ridiculous situation that when we relay it to friends it sounds like we’re embellishing it … Continue reading

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Sexy Writing Phrases For In And Out Of The Bedroom

Many of my writing buddies hate writing love scenes. I have to admit that they aren’t one of my favorite things to write either. I rewrite them more than any other scenes in my books. It’s not the idea of … Continue reading

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Fashion Terms New And Old

While I once blogged a part of this blog elsewhere, I’ve added a bonus to this one by listing terms old and new for all sorts of clothing like coats, pants, hats, shoes, skirts etc. This makes for a lot … Continue reading

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Day, Night and In Between – Descriptions For Time of Day

Yeah, writers could just tell readers what time of day it is and sometimes it’s more expedient. But! It “is” telling and one of the first rules of writing is “show” don’t tell. When it comes to time of the … Continue reading

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May Day Baskets – I Remember When

I’m a little late talking about May Day as it’s May 1st today. But because I have so many fond childhood memories of it, I decided to blog about it anyway. Ask teens today if they plan to celebrate May … Continue reading

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Character Action Verbs and Body Language

 I figured it was about time I offer another meaty blog. Here’s a whopper listing character action verbs and body language verbs. Body language and plain old action verbs are often interchangeable depending on their setting.  Example: A character’s body … Continue reading

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Lyn Horner And Her New Anthology Project – The Posse

Whew! I don’t about you but I’m really glad the Christmas and New Year holidays are over. It’s wonderful, but I’m pooped and I’m more than ready to get back to my writing. Speaking of writing, last week Lyn Horner … Continue reading

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Christmas At Sharla’s House 2016

  Wow, Christmas week already! Where did the year go? As I sit here up on my little mountain in Southern California, a steady but warm rain is giving us a much needed soak. The gifts are purchased and tomorrow … Continue reading

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